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Jovan - - The Amazing Hypnotist  

Las Vegas hypnotist
   Probably the fastest Hypnotist you have ever seen

Comedy Hypnosis

Las Vegas hypnotist

- - - - - CAUTION - - - - -
This show will cause the ends of your mouth to curl up ....

Hypnosis is exciting and wonderful entertainment.

Corporate Parties ---
Company parties ---
Private parties ---
Grad nights ---
Fund raisers ---
Any fun event ---

Jovan is available to do fun filled Hypnosis shows for your special event
or company party. "The Amazing Jovan" will fill your stage with Hilarious laughter.
He has been entertaining audiences throughout United States for years with his
Amazing style of rapid stage hypnosis where the volunteers become the show by
demonstrating their creativity. "Jovan The Amazing Hypnotist" has performed at colleges,
high schools, cruise ships, corporate functions public and private events everywhere.
Jovan's shows are family events, the volunteers are treated with respect creating good
clean humor. Harvey Hunt aka "Jovan The Amazing Hypnotist" is a member of the
NGH ( National Guild of Hypnotist ) and is Trained and Certified in
Comedy Stage Hypnosis as well as Hypnotherapy.

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